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Red Wing, Minnesota

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Heading West out of Red Wing

Posted by Clay Oglesbee on August 18, 2016 at 1:30 AM

Driving from First Church in Red Wing last night around sunset---  As I turned west, headed for Miesville, there were heavy dark clouds on the horizon, but a  golden sunsetwas also pouring in through  blue sky and huge, bubbling clouds to the north and east of me.  It was so beautiful and so contradictory.

To the west, it looked like the Rocky Mountain Range had suddenly dropped onto Faribault and Kenyon and rooted  themeslves there.  The clouds were so low, dark and "mountainous" that it truly seemed to be a new geological discovery.  Who knew there were mountains in these parts of Minnesota?

To the east, it looked like Titian's painting of Mary's Assumption--golden, climbing, cumulous clouds--and the ascent of cherubs and the Virgin Mother would have fit the evening's masterpiece of light and cloud.   

So that's an ordinary Tuesday night, the usual stuff,  coming home from a church meeting...It is also miraculous, magnificent, gorgeous, and magical, Do we notice how God's creativity and grace blend the same mysterious, plain old ordinariness with extraordinary beauty and mercy?

Every day, every hour, every moment, beauty and love surround and lift us higher on the ascent.

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