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Small Groups

In Scripture, small groups are frequently the way God helps to prepare and develop persons of faith. Even in the Old Testament, Gideon selects a few persons, rather than a massive army, to go the work which needs doing. Someone has called that small group "Gideon's Gang". Moses also learned to divide the People of Israel into small companies so they could be better served and taught and led. Jesus began his ministry with a group of a dozen very close followers, a small group that launched a millenia-old and global effort. John Wesley, the founder of the Wesleyan Movement in the mid-1700s, also relied upon small groups of different sizes--from larger gatherings, to meetings of a dozen, to the most intensive meetings of four or so.   

We share a belief that seeking persons, new Christians and mature ones are best incubated and developed in small groups. There is no point in starting someone on a Christian's path without also providing them with companions to accompany and mature them. That's why we offer small groups to all.

The pastor can help you to find a way to begin with one of the groups. Contact Pastor Clay Oglesbee.
Our Adult Forums and some of our standing ministry teams and groups also are, in effect, discipling and support groups. We encourage each of them to use prayer and relational support in their ministries, whether as choir, women's groups, or ministry teams.  

Women's Circles
Most of these groups meet under the auspices of the United Methodist Women. Please inquire with the United Methodist Women (UMW) leadership, including Jane Baker, the current chairperson.  

Handcrafters is a group of about twelve women who gather at the church monthly to knit, crochet, sew, tat, or other type of handcraft.  The ladies had their fourth annual bazaar at the church on November 21, 2017.  Bazaar items included Christmas decorations, stuffed animals, hats, mittens, scarves, and silent auction items.  Income of more than $1,600 went to UMCOR for disaster relief.

Book Studies
We offer periodic book studies of popular or award-winning literature from fiction, spirituality, political-economy and other fields in order to keep ourselves alert and informed Christian disciples.